About Amanda

As you peruse my blog you’ll notice that the creative direction I’m going for is poetry and short(er) fiction. I’m working up to a novel, but I want to put my early attempts out into the universe; like a diary of my writing progress.

I’m also seeking you, Dear Reader. I pursue you. I want to bring you joy and emotion. I want to enrich your experience of this earth.

So, thank you for taking the journey with me. I appreciate open discussion, feel free to leave comments, please just keep it clean and respectful if you happen to disagree with what you read. If something I’ve said strikes you, or helps you; if my words are the very ones you’ve been searching for, please feel free to share.

UPDATE! Now you can like my facebook page or follow me on twitter and be the first to know when I put out new content! (And mostly make me feel good about myself when I see that you like and follow me. Oh, Sweet Vanity.)

I post on Wednesdays and Saturdays!

FB: https://www.facebook.com/amandaheiserwrites/

Twitter: @A_HeiserWrites



4 thoughts on “About Amanda

  1. This is a beautiful site, Amanda, and what a perfect way to start your blog–with the exquisite poem about your child. I have bookmarked this page already and look forward to dropping by regularly.

    Liked by 1 person

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