Riddle Me This # 1: Fire

UPDATE! Thanks to Bill Heiser for getting the answer right, and commenting. You win! I have nothing for you. But you have the bragging rights on Amanda Heiser Writes for the next week.

Here’s a game for us to play, leave a comment with your answer to the riddle! I’ll reveal the answer on Friday, 31March17 by changing the title of this post. 


You need me, though you fear me.

I start life small, but with each meal I become more fearsome.

I never bathe for fear of dying.

My smell overcomes passersby, choking the life from them.

The enemy of water is my friend;

I’ll admit our friendship can get quite heated.

I could be your warmest companion.

I could bring bright light to your life.

Spurn me and I could burn you or leave you cold.


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