Love in the Dark

I had never been so captivated as I was that night, just by the look of her. I can’t explain it, but even hidden in the dark her skin held an iridescent glow. It was like the universe needed to be inside her as desperately as I did, and it illuminated every inch of her from within. There are other women to fill the void she leaves in me when she’s gone, but none have entranced me as she has. Blessed Sorceress, I was at her bidding, if only she’d stay a couple of hours later.

When we were spent; when she’d had her fill; we laid motionless, bathed only in the light of her. Her silken charcoal hair caressed the skin of my cheek.

She stirred and my heart broke to feel her rise. Harsh light from the hotel bathroom cut through the darkness as the last of her starlight faded away. I sat up to watch her dress, drinking in the last moments I had with her for the night. It was never enough.

She left without a word and I sank back onto the firm mattress that only moments before had been my forgiving heaven. I worshipped her, but her husband could never know.


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